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craigz: wavves - demon to lean on

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Pixies - Gouge Away
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noshuns: Gouge Away - Pixies

This song never gets old, I could listen to it on repeat for days on days.

(Source: noceans, via darcywreckme)

Grouper- “Vapor Trails”

This song is just fucking too much beautiful. Tell me this doesn’t make you feel.

I wasn’t on Tumblr on NYE or New Year’s. Unfortunately I worked two, very long days and met Jay Leno! haha

Thought this video was pretty sweet. 2012 was a crazy year for me but it ended perfectly. Welcome, 2013, and happy new year to all of you.

Beach House’s New Year video. 

So Ty Segall has a new band with his guitarist Charlie Mootheart, called Fuzz. 

This one’s called “Fuzz’s Fourth Dream” and it’s badass. 

Pixies - Havalina
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Drove through hilly roads during dusk yesterday and this song came up. Perfect.